[UUSI] Virtuaalinen Hongkongin kasino + LIVE-jakaja Baccarat + toinen pankkiiri 24 oppitunti + Kasvatetaan tästä yli 500 alapuolelle

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[NEW] Virtual Casino + LIVE Dealer Baccarat + Another Banker 24 Lesson + Let's Grow This To 500+ Sub

Sup Fam,

A lot of fans take hold been emailing me at bfxfifopro [at] gmail, asking me to show another virtual Hong Kong Casino with live dealer baccarat play.

So I figured another lesson in Banker 24 wouldn’t injure and if you’d like to know my new betting system it goes like this: [1 = a betting unit of $10 or more, 1 can be any amount you intend to bet]


In a Colorado Brick and Mortar Hong Kong Casino I would bet like:


And if I ever lose at any time past the 2nd ten I need to
win twice in a row in order to stop and start the bet sequence over.

Pretty easy right?

Let’s see how we do in @CheetosBaccarat’s “pragmatic” Hong Kong Casino!

Just kidding, it’s River’s Hong Kong Casino where he plays and calls it real. Pff.


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